BFA Strategic Planning


Thank you for visiting Business and Financial Affairs’ (BFA) strategic planning website. Our divisional mission is to serve Western in its core mission and strategic plan through the delivery of excellent services. 

Our strategic plan spans six fiscal years from 2019 until 2025. It involves the contributions of numerous BFA staff. Every BFA team member was given the opportunity to share their ideas through town hall work sessions, helping to connect what they do with the University’s aspirational goals. We are grateful to the many people across our division for contributing to this plan.

Our Vision

We deliver excellent service that people recognize.

Our Mission

To support Western’s Strategic Plan through the delivery of Business and Financial Affairs services.

Strategic Priorities

  • Partner with our Western community in planning and implementing changes in support of Western’s 2025 vision
  • Communicate effectively with our Western community
  • Support Western’s goals for diversity, inclusion, and sustainability
  • Develop, support, and empower Business and Financial Affairs teams and staff to achieve excellence status
  • Continually improve and innovate business practices and systems

BFA's Strategic Plan

BFA 2019-2025 Strategic Plan navigates how our departments and the entire division are addressing the division's strategic priorities. Below is the plan, as well as an overview of the divisional and departmental initiatives, with links to supporting documents.

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Implementation of the approved initiatives is underway across the division. There are four BFA initiatives that are shared by all departments, and comprised of staff from all levels and departments in the division: Growth; Communications; Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI); and Empower to Engage.


ARCHIVES - BFA Strategic Plan

BFA’s strategic planning process was thorough, inclusive, and efficient. Interactive sessions involving all staff division-wide helped inform the plan's content. All departments worked with their staff, gathering input on their situational assessments, and helping to connect what people do with the University's wider aspirational goals. Further sessions were held at the end of the process to hear about the final approved plans. 

Below are links to the final BFA and departmental SCOT assessments, the UPRC presentation, and work from the BFA Managers/Directors Retreat in November 2018. 

ARCHIVES - BFA Strategic Planning Documents

The following BFA Strategic Planning documents formulate the management strategies for the division and its departments:


If you have any questions, please contact:

Kim Ayre
Director of Budget & Organizational Management 
Division Budget Officer
(360) 650-3377

Samara Aboav
Strategic Planning Analyst

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