About the Associate Vice President for Finance & Business Services

The Associate Vice President reports to and works in partnership with the Vice President for Business and Financial Affairs to provide strong financial leadership and strategic planning initiatives for the University. They are the principal accounting executive, chief controls officer and designated tax official, and provides oversight and management for bond issuance and compliance.

Brian Sullivan, Associate Vice President of Business Financial Affairs at Western

Leadership & Management Oversight

The Associate Vice President also provides leadership and management oversight for various functions of the University, including:

Business & Financial Systems

  • Business System Analysis & Support
  • Business System Implementation

Business Services

  • Campus Logistics Operations
  • Purchasing / Contracts
  • Print, Copy & Mail Services
  • Travel Services

Financial Services

  • Accounting Services
  • Accounts Payable
  • Grant Post Award
  • Payment Card Services
  • Treasury Services

Student Business Office

  • Box Office / Western Card Program
  • Student Business Services
  • Transportation Services