Parking and Transportation Advisory Committee

The Parking and Transportation Advisory Committee (PTAC) will advise the Vice President for Business and Financial Affairs on parking issues that include current challenges and future needs to provide sufficient, sustainable, and accessible parking for faculty, staff, students, and visitors; while balancing those needs with alternative transportation goals. The committee will review and make recommendation on: 

Strategic Planning for Parking Needs 

  • Review the University’s Strategic Plan in relation to impacts on parking from future enrollments, personnel, and infrastructure growth. Review possible solutions that can be implemented to fill the gap between current and future needs/goals to include ride split goals.
  • Propose a schedule for phasing in the implementation of preferred strategies to facilitate implementation of the Capital and Financing Plan.

Financial Review

  • Review the 2019-2021 financial pro-forma to ensure that parking revenues are sufficient to sustain Parking Services operational and planned Capital expenses.

Reserve Permits 

  • As the University expands its efforts into the local community and regions more positions will come and go quickly, requiring an increase in the number of reserved spaces. Review the approach on reserve space numbers.


  • Establish guidelines for effective communication to the University on parking changes.


The Chair shall be appointed by the Vice President for Business and Financial Affairs. The Chair shall convene the meetings, approve agendas, and preside at all meetings of the PTAC.


Meetings shall be called by the Chair.


Chief of Police
Assistant Director, Student Business Office
Associated Students Alternative Transportation Coordinator
Student Representatives (2) from the Student Business Office
Faculty Senate Representative
Faculty Union Representative
Human Resources Representative
PSE Representative
PSO Representative
WFSE Representative
University Residences Representative
Business and Financial Affairs Division Representative
Facilities Development & Operations Representative

Ex Officio (non-voting):
Director, Financial Services
Manager, Student Business Office
Manager, Sustainable Transportation
AVP, Risk, Ethics, Safety & Compliance 

Terms of Service

The Chief of Police and the Assistant Director for the Student Business Office are permanent members of the committee by virtue of their positions.

For all other committee members the term of service will be two years, and staggered so that approximately one-half of the representative positions will be open for reappointment in any given year. Representatives wishing to serve another term, upon term expiration, may be reappointed at the discretion of the Vice President for Business and Financial Affairs.

Committee Members

Name Department
Chris Roselli (Chair) Community Relations
Sarah Neugebauer Facilities Operations
Rick Benner Capital Planning
Vacant Registrar's Office
Greg Hough Facilities Operations
Lysa Rivera English Department
Darin Rasmussen Risk, Ethics, Safety, & Resilience
Vacant Finance & Business Services
Vacant University Residences
Paul Mueller Risk, Ethics, Safety & Resilience
Mike Ulrich Finance & Business Services
Shelby Zimmerman Transportation Services

For more information about the Parking & Transportation Advisory Committee, please contact the committee chair by clicking on their name in the table above.