Laboratory and Chemical Safety Committee

The Laboratory and Chemical Safety Committee’s purpose is to help guide laboratory safety decisions, including instructional, research, and support functions at Western. The committee will also provide guidance on procurement and movement of hazardous chemicals for university-related business and on university property.

Committee Tasks Include

  • Providing oversight for the implementation of the university’s Chemical Hygiene Plan
  • Reviewing injuries, illnesses, and incidents related to laboratory work or other use of hazardous chemicals
  • Reviewing the university’s laboratory employee medical monitoring program
  • Recommending remedial action to correct laboratory safety infractions
  • Reviewing records and reports from individuals responsible for monitoring laboratory safety practices
  • Formulating and reviewing the university’s training program for safe work practices in the laboratories
  • Reviewing hazardous material procurement policy and procedures

Convening Authority and Reporting

The committee is established by the authority of the President and reports to the Vice President for Business and Financial Affairs (VP for BFA) and the Provost.

Meetings and Minutes

The Laboratory Safety and Chemical Committee meets several times a calendar year. All documents are maintained by the department of Environmental Health and Safety (EHS). Generally, meeting notes are taken rather than minutes.


The committee will have between 10-17 members. All members are appointed for a two-year term by the respective dean, director, chair or vice president. Members shall be appointed on the basis of knowledge and experience in laboratory work, laboratory design planning, procurement, or inspection processes.

Committee members are from departments on campus that have lab safety responsibilities and include one or more representatives from each of the Western divisions, as shown below.

College of Fine and Performing Arts
College of Humanities and Social Sciences
College of Science and Engineering, including at least one representative from
Chemistry, Biology, and Engineering and Design
Environmental Health and Safety
College of the Environment
Research and Sponsored Programs
Risk, Ethics, Safety & Resilience
Shannon Point Marine Center
Associated Students Representative

A representative from each of the following will also be present: 
Business Services
Facilities Development & Operations 
Internal Audit


The chair shall be the Director of EHS. The vice chairperson shall be the Dean of the College of Science and Engineering or designee. 

Committee Members

Name Department
Bruce Boyer (Chair) Environmental Health & Safety
Janelle Leger (Vice Chair) College of Science and Engineering
Doug Loewen College of Fine and Performing Arts
Abe Olson College of Fine and Performing Arts
vacant College of Humanities and Social Sciences
Jackie Rose College of Humanities and Social Sciences
Margaret Scheuermann College of Science and Engineering
Calvin Murphy College of Science and Engineering
Peter Thut College of Science and Engineering
vacant College of Science and Engineering
David Gill College of Science and Engineering
Scott Wilkinson College of the Environment
David Patrick Graduate School
Paul Mueller Risk Management
Derek Smith Shannon Point Marine Center
Alex Dorigo Associated Students Representative
Priya Sall Audit and Consulting Services
Julian Rodgers Facilities Development & Operations
Daniel Miller Facilities Development & Operations
Karen McKinnon Procurement/Contracts
vacant Environmental Health & Safety
Kjatosia Ruvalcaba Environmental Health & Safety
Grant Whitman Environmental Health & Safety


For more information about the Laboratory & Chemical Safety Committee, please contact the committee chair by clicking on their name in the table above.